How to wear a fur coat – here some trick

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February 22, 2017
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July 15, 2017
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Short sleeves are more strongly influenced by the fashion of long leather garments. It is understandable – manufacturers are not always willing to go to experiments when it comes to the high cost of expensive materials. But in the case of furriers they consciously risk and use not only traditional popular materials such as mink or mutton but also offer leather raccoon, fox, fox modern processing.
In this case, the style of the jackets are very varied – they are mounted, curved, fitting silhouettes, short coats, smells or an English collar, so for every figure and age there is a real and stylish option. The colors of leather coats are also different – from traditional natural to blooming acidic colors. If a plain coat sleeve three quarters do not always look appropriate in the case of sheepskin product looks harmonious and complete. This applies to the open area of ​​the collar with a reed or a fastener to the decorative pin.

Warm up: select skin
For Siberian frosts, of course sheepskin is not suitable for winter clothes, but for medium latitudes it is an excellent option. Each fur perfectly keeps warmth at an air temperature of -25 ° C and even a little lower, and the more extreme cold on the territory of Russia to the Ural is a rarity. The warmest leather garments are made of fox, saber and sheepskin. But the popular claw is lower than the Arctic fox and chinchilla.
As for the lower body, most sheepskins are perfectly matched with long trapezoidal polywaves. And this style will hide a warm pantyhose, and a dowry from the boot trunk in the form of a gamma.

Practical: short coat for active life
The benefits of short coats in front of long outer fur coats are obvious. First, this is the convenience and the lower weight of the product. In short outerwear, without limiting the movements, it is more enjoyable to move. Secondly, the hem of long coats are exposed to the reagents used on ice. The particles fall on it with shoes, and the skin after one season can not be restored. Thirdly, in a long coat it is uncomfortable to drive, and motorists of all ages appreciate the convenience and practicality of sheepskin. Those who use public transport will not worry that someone will accidentally step on the edge of leaving the bus or trolley. And fourth, sheepskin can be worn not only in the winter but also out of season, just do not clutch it.

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