Winter came to the door and you have not renewed your wardrobe yet?

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April 2, 2017
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Maybe you did not have time or money, but do not worry about it. With just a few items you can pass this season as if you’ve restored the entire wardrobe and you actually just added a couple of items.

Deep pullover

No matter what this item will do in your wardrobe. With a good sweater you can dress anything out of the closet and you will look different each time. The trick is that a thick sweater needs to be hooked and in some color. For this season we suggest the color of the mustard or the light side color.

Shawls, caps and gloves

These three are absolutely necessary for each winter, but the trick is that they do not have to cost a lot and can change a lot. The oversized scarf will cover more than half the coat and you will look like you have come off the fashion tracks instead of wearing a three year old coat. With the accompanying hat or hat that will draw your eyes on your face and with the good makeup to connect everything you are ready for another season.

Boots to the knees

This is the most urgent item every winter, boots just do not come out of fashion and this season it seems that beige and gray boots from grinding skin are an inexhaustible detail. Why boots are so important lies in their functionality and sex.

You can wear them on all the dress combinations and provide you with an inexpensive sex appeal and men adore to see you on your feet. What you should avoid is to buy boots that have pattern, rivets or some details that have been hit recently.

If you buy quality expensive boots, you need to make sure that they look as classic as possible so that you can handle them for more seasons without screaming for years.

If we did not leave you ignorant and in the dry we have made several combinations. Every day, this can be a jeans, a white shirt and a sweater. For family gatherings instead of shirts wear a shirt and some more beautiful pants, a sweater on it will be like a cake on a cake.

Exit may also be with a sweater. Dress up thick black nipples, a small black dress, a large piece of jewelry and your tulle-colored sweater. Point out your lips in red color and apply a shower to your eyes. You only need a coat and boots to your knees and you are ready.

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